Author Services

Creating a query letter can be difficult. Trying to sum up your entire novel in three paragraphs or less is intimidating. Sometimes you are just too close to the project. That’s when another set of eyes can really help.

I am now offering services to help authors tighten up and clarify their query materials. I can help identify if your opening pages start in the right place–or if they have too much backstory and info dumping. I search for plot holes in your synopsis and ways to introduce character arc in your query.

As a veteran contest host/mentor and literary agent, I’ve seen thousands and thousands of queries and first pages, and I know what works and what doesn’t.

My specialties are middle grade, young adult, adult science fiction, and fantasy, but I can also help with picture books, chapter books, and other adult genres.

If interested, please reach out using my contact page.

**** Please note that any projects I review are not eligible for representation and do not guarantee material will be requested from other Storm agents. IF I should end up representing you as a client all fees will be returned per the Association of American Literary Agents canon of ethics. Please see the entire code of ethics below.****

Query Package – $100

I will line edit and make comprehensive notes/suggestions on your query and first ten double-spaced, 12 pt font pages of your manuscript using Microsoft Word track changes.

Comprehensive Query Package – $125

I will line edit and make comprehensive notes/suggestions on your query and first ten double-spaced, 12 pt font pages of your manuscript, plus a 1-3 page synopsis, using Microsoft Word track changes.

Query – $50

I will line edit and offer comprehensive notes/suggestions on your query letter using Microsoft Word track changes. Includes two passes.

First Ten Pages/First Chapter Package – starts at $45 for 10 pages

I will line edit and offer comprehensive notes/suggestions on your first ten pages/chapter using Microsoft Word track changes. Rate depends on length of chapter.

Zoom Consult – $60

A thirty minute Zoom to ask me any questions about the publishing industry or your manuscript.

Query/First Page Consult – $50

A fifteen minute chat about your query letter or first page. First page or query must be emailed at least one day before scheduled chat.

Canon of Ethics:

 A) The Association believes that the practice of literary agents charging clients or potential clients for reading and evaluating literary works (including query letters, outlines, proposals, and partial or complete manuscripts) is subject to serious abuse that reflects adversely on our profession. Members should be primarily engaged in selling or supporting the of selling of rights and services on behalf of their clients, i.e. members should not be primarily pursing freelance editorial work and misrepresenting themselves as literary agents or support staff of a literary agency. Members may not charge any reading fees for evaluating work for possible representation. However, members may provide editorial services in exchange for a fee to authors who are not clients, provided members adhere to the following provisions:

I) Members who render such services must make clear to the author in writing in advance that the rendering of such services does not indicate or imply that the member will represent the author as a literary agent and must provide to the author at the outset a copy of this Paragraph (8A-8B) of the AALA Canon of Ethics; and

II) if during or after the rendering of such services the member agrees to represent the author, the member must then return in full all payments received for such services prior to submitting the work and waive any further payments for such services for that author; and

III) to help prevent confusion, abuse, and to further separate paid editorial services from literary representation, at no time may members respond to an author who approaches them only for literary representation by instead suggesting or directing the author to pay for editorial services by the member or by anyone else financially associated with the member or member’s agency. Members must provide paid editorial services only to authors who have approached them directly for such services.

B) Literary representation of any author must not be contingent upon the author engaging any such paid editorial services, nor shall a member retroactively charge for editorial services in the event a client’s project is not sold. For avoidance of doubt, the intent of this clause is to allow members flexibility and independence in their payment structures while avoiding the conflict of interest that may arise from members making a profit on top of commission from the sale of both their client’s works and separate paid services rendered to that client.