Picture Book Party Spring 2020
PB Party Entry 19: Arlette Best, Magical Pet Sitter, Chapter Book
Arlette Best, Magical Pet Sitter
Chapter Book, Fantasy, Humor
Word Count:

Dear Michelle and Mindy,

I am submitting for your consideration Arlette Best, Magical Pet Sitter, a 4200-word magical realism chapter book for fans of the DRAGON MASTER series and KINGDOM OF WRENLY series. Arlette’s first pet-sitting job is more than she bargained for when the pet she is hired to watch turns out to be a mischievous young griffon. Cay, short for Chaos, is a baby griffon who lives up to his name. From shiny-shenanigans with tinfoil and necklaces to gassy goof-ups and an escaped griffon, Arlette has her work cut out for her.

My love of storytelling took me into a career in broadcast media, followed by professional recruiting – both of which helped me hone my communication and writing skills. My first picture book, Mama’s Cloud (July 2018) was named on Kirkus’ Best Books of 2018 after receiving a starred review from Kirkus Reviews and being selected as one of the Best Indie Books in November 2018. Following the publication of Mama’s Cloud, I released a French translation, followed by four additional picture books. As a member of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, I have presented at schools and literacy events in Saskatchewan, engaging students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. I delight in connecting with audiences and have a growing Twitter follower base, Facebook author group, and e-mail list.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Arlette looked proudly at the posters she had hung around her neighbourhood. “For all your Pet Sitter needs, call Arlette Best!” Her name and phone number were written in big block letters. NO ONE WILL MISS THOSE, she thought to herself, pleased with her work.

The telephone poles on her street now each sported a neon-coloured sign advertising Arlette’s new business. She had always loved animals and now that she was ten she was ready for more responsibility. Well, more money anyway.

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