Picture Book Party Spring 2020
PB Party Entry 8: Iggy Crane: The Case of the Missing Bolt, Chapter Book
Iggy Crane: The Case of the Missing Bolt
Chapter Book Mystery
Word Count:

Dear Agent,

A mystery is brewing in Monster Hollow. Aspiring kid detective Iggy Crane takes the case in hopes of following in her great uncle’s sleuthing footsteps. But as the day unfolds, Franko’s missing bolt isn’t the only thing Iggy is tasked with. She must find a missing bat, stop a fight and calm a fearsome Egyptian princess. She better be quick as the missing bolt is the key to winning this year’s science fair. The clock is ticking as the Fair starts this afternoon. Iggy Crane is Nancy Drew: Clues Crew meets The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Iggy Crane is a stand alone mystery with series potential.

I’m a writer-librarian. I write contemporary young adult novels, chapter books with a twist, and humor tinged picture books. I’m a former school librarian turned community librarian working with under-served communities. I’m a long-time member of 12×12, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Writers’ Guild of Alberta in which I participate in both local and international events. I’m also an active member of The Creative Academy in which I have ongoing support from seasoned authors, a marketing guru, and a network of publishing professionals. I’m currently being mentored by young adult author, coach and teacher Eileen Cook.


A scream bounced off the dungeon walls.

Iggy Crane bolted upright in her sleeping bag. Something swept past her. Iggy gasped, swallowing a shriek.

“Hello?” Iggy said, shakily.


“Hello?” Iggy said louder.


Iggy shifted in her sleeping bag. Maybe she should investigate. But screaming wasn’t an unusual sound in Monster Hollow. The Hollow was home to a variety of monsters with their own howls, hoots and wails. But this scream was peculiar. This scream had all the hairs on Iggy’s arms raised to full salute. Iggy was positive that something had touched her leg.

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  • I love a good mystery!

    Please send to, subject PBParty Request, with the query in the body of the email and the full manuscript attached as a word document. Please include your ideas for the other books in the series in your query.

    Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to reading this!

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