Picture Book Party Spring 2019
PBParty 13: Ruth Bixer, Problem Fixer, Chapter Book OV
Ruth Bixer, Problem Fixer
Chapter Book OV
Word Count:

Dear Michelle Sharon, and Mindy,

Thank you for this opportunity! I’m pleased to submit the first hundred words of my chapter book, Ruth Bixer, Problem Fixer, complete at 6000 words.

Friendships are hard to keep, especially for a military brat, stationed in Iwakuni, Japan. Seven year-old Ruth fixes problems…dirty spot on the wall problems, Bug’s problems, and Phoebe’s problems. But, on the eve of her dad’s homecoming, Bug is not speaking to her, Phoebe has a new BF, and her dad might really be a monster. Ruth realizes that it will take more than duct tape to solve these problems. This character-driven story explores the complex nature of friendships and jealousy with creative problem solving antics.

Ruth Bixer, Problem Fixer mirrors my life as a Japanese/Caucasian girl from a Military family. This early chapter book will resonate with young readers, age 7-9, with quirky personalities who are learning the meaning of friendship. Children, who enjoy the books, Clementine, Ivy and Bean, and Nate the Great, might also like this story.

Last year, I was honored as first runner up for the SCBWI’s Sue Alexander Award with my story, Zan and D. I have been published in Highlights Magazine, and I currently teach students with serious illnesses for the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Thank you for your consideration.


 Mondai ~ PROBLEM

Glasses on! The world looks crisp, like one of Bug’s paintings. I glance at my To Do List.

1.     Fix picture frame with duct tape.

2.     Fix wallet seam with duct tape.

3.     Shop for Bug’s present with Phoebe.

4.     Go to Bugs Birthday Party.

5.     Homework: Translate 15 Japanese words about my life this week.

A quick jump into my overalls, and I’m ready. “Mom…going to Phoebe’s,” I yell.

            She catches me before I bolt. “Hai,” she says. That means yes in Japanese. “Daddy is coming home!”

            “He is?”

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