Picture Book Party Spring 2018
PBParty 14: Daisy Did It Anyway
Daisy Did It Anyway
Fiction, ages 4-8, author/illustrator
Word Count:

Daisy was afraid of just about everything- talking to people, raising her hand, even finding her classroom. She got a lot of help from kind people in her life, but on one particular day she had only herself to rely on. It was scary… but Daisy Did It Anyway. 

In the spirit of After the Fall by Dan Santat and If I Never Forever Endeavor by Holly Meade, Daisy Did It Anyway is a picture book for ages 4-8 that addresses personal growth and overcoming fear. The illustrations show the crazy and confusing way the world appears to our protagonist. Daisy will be a champion for any child with sensory issues, extreme shyness or on the autism spectrum. She will also help explain that world and make it accessible to anyone else. I am passionate about this subject because I was a highly sensitive child and and I understand how difficult this can be. 

I hold a BA in Fine Art and am a member of the Rocky Mountain chapter of SCBWI. 

I appreciate your time and consideration.


Daisy is afraid.
Daisy is afraid to talk to new people, but Mama makes friends easily. 
Daisy is afraid to give kisses, but Daddy gives her bristly kisses.
Daisy is afraid of the big kids, but Brother and Neighbor Jenny stand up for her.
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