Picture Book Party Spring 2019
PBParty 15: Down My Snowy Street, Board Book (A)
Down My Snowy Street
Board Book, Author Illustrator
Word Count:

Brightly colored vehicles and a cacophony of engine sounds energize this snowy day board book.   Yes, there is the typical focus on color for the newborn to age-three reader, but oh! the sounds!

Similar to Steve Light’s work (Trains GoPlanes GoTrucks Go, etc.), Down My Snowy Street ups the onomatopoeia fun with eight different vehicles and a runner-dog combo.  A snowy background makes the colors really pop, and is the raison d’être for some of the action.

Decades of working with children have helped inform my writing, and a Master of Arts degree in Oral Traditions deepened my understanding of the power of story.  Now a retired teacher, I continue to do one of the things I love best—sharing stories with children.  I am not published, nor am I represented by an agent.  I did win the New England Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (NESCBWI) 4X4 Mentoring Contest for one of my manuscripts and had the pleasure of working with Heidi E.Y. Stemple and Julie Bliven on that project.  I am also a 2019 Silver member of the 12X12 Challenge.  Although I have illustrated this board book, I do not have an online portfolio.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

On my snowy street, the big tree outside my door is black and bare.

Rumbledy-dumbledy-bonk! Bam! There goes a yellow snowplow down my snowy street.      

Vroom-a-boom boom! Vroom-a-bam boom! There goes a silver sports car down my snowy street. 

Yum, bonka-crunch! Yum, krunka-munch!  There goes a green recycling truck down my snowy street.  


  • I’d be happy to see this. Please send text and dummy, or link, to me at (no attachments!). Include query and bio info. Mark header PB Party Request. (Learn more about me: and

    • Marcia Parks says:

      Thank you for taking an interest in Down My Snowy Street. The information you requested has been sent.

  • Clelia Gore says:

    I have a baby girl at home so I have a newfound appreciation for board books! Feel free to send me a query with a PDF attachment of the full dummy to Please indicate #pbparty in the subject line with the title so I can spot you. Good luck!

    • Marcia Parks says:

      Thank you so much for the opportunity to share more of Down My Snowy Street. I do hope you will try it out with your daughter and that both of you will have fun with the sounds. The information you requested has been sent.

  • Hello! I’d be happy to review this dummy – please feel free to submit it to Looking forward to seeing it!

    • Marcia Parks says:

      Hello, Christy,

      Thank you for your interest in Down My Snowy Street. I am sending you the dummy sketch and a few of the illustrations. I am also able to expand this text by two vehicles, if you feel it needs to be a tad longer. Text-as is or expanded-is available upon request.

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