Picture Book Party Spring 2018
PBParty 18: Hilton the Shark
HIlton the Shark
Word Count:

He’s big. He’s powerful. He’s looking for love. He’s a great white shark named Hilton, and his romantic quest may hold clues to the future of the marine ecosystem. (Don’t worry, G-rated story.)

HILTON THE SHARK is a narrative non-fiction PB manuscript that portrays the softer side of this ferocious-looking fish – by detailing one suitor’s cross-border pursuit.

So how exactly does a 1,300-pound ocean predator go about getting a girlfriend? You’ll have to read the MS to find out. Fans of such works as HOW TO SURVIVE AS A FIREFLY might enjoy this fun but educational read.

Quick bio: I’m a former crime reporter and political aide who now writes for children and adults. My news stories have been published nationally and internationally.

Thank you in advance for reviewing my submission.




Great white sharks are famous for three things:

Their winning smile.

[Illo: close-up of shark with menacing-looking grin]

Their impressive appetite.

[Illo: shark with jaws wide open; fish swimming away terrified]

And their remarkable interactions with humans.

[Illo: panicked beachgoer running at top speed from a large fin poking out of the water]

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