Picture Book Party Spring 2019
PBParty 25: Minha’s Mission, Diversity
Minha's Mission
Word Count:

Thank you so much for this opportunity to submit to you my story, MINHA’S MISSION. When Eesa’s feet hurt, it is up to Misha (and her bare feet) to find them the shoes they hunger for. MINHA’S MISSION is a picture book manuscript that showcases children living in abject poverty. Not only can the reader empathize with Minha, the reader can also learn from her resourcefulness and transfer it in his/her life. This story is geared towards older picture book readers (4 and up) and can be used in the classroom setting to teach empathy and perseverance.

          I am a committed member of SCBWI and 12×12. In addition, I am also the SCBWI meet up coordinator for the Contra Costa county in California. One of my manuscripts was named the runner up for the Sue Alexander award at the 2016 SCBWI LA conference. I was also the recipient for the 12 x12 2018 Diversity scholarship for MINHA’S MISSION.

         This story is a story on diversity and the shoes made in the manuscript are worn in Africa. My hope is that MINHA’S MISSION helps avail social justice and end racism towards lower socio economic classes. In addition, I hope MINHA’S MISSION helps reduce pollution in these already over polluted countries. This manuscript has editor interest.

         Thank you again for the opportunity to showcase my story to agents.


 Minha munched on old bread as she stacked stones in the street. “Let’s play pittoo, Eesa.”

           Eesa hobbled over. “Ow! My feet!”

           Minha brushed rocks off his soles. “I will get us shoes.”

           Eesa sighed. “We’ve never had shoes.”

           “I’m going to fix that.” Minha limped to the shoppers.

           “Money for shoes,” she chanted.

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