Picture Book Party Spring 2019
PBParty 4: Simon(e), Diversity
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Dear Agent,

Thank you for your consideration of my picture book manuscript, Simon(e), written for ages 4-8, who enjoy Julian is a Mermaid and Red. This book will highlight the importance of being true to who you are on the inside, especially for the transgender community.

Simon(e) is a story of a transgender child who’s best royal dress is ruined when a classmate gets sick on it after eating the barf-a-roni at lunch. Simone has to go to the nurse’s office to get a change of clothes, but the nurse only knows her as Simon and gives her “Simon” clothes to change in to.

I am a reading teacher and this story was inspired by research I conducted after having transgender children in my classroom. Trans children are 75% less likely to commit suicide later in life if people call them by their chosen name, and at the end of Simon(e), her teacher welcomes her back into the classroom by using her chosen name of Simone.


Glitter is glorious. Sparkles are spectacular. Feathers are fabulous.

Dressing up is my favorite, especially when I can pretend to be a movie star – no autographs, please.

My name is Simon, but when I play Lunch Party Royals with my friends, I am Lady Simone who takes her tea with one lump of sugar and drinks with her pinky up.

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