Picture Book Party Spring 2020
PB Party Entry 12: Say Goodbye, Hairy Fly, Humor Rhyming
Say Goodbye, Hairy Fly
Humor, Rhyming, Character Driven
Word Count:

When a hairy fly with sticky toes collides with Crocodile’s nose, the fly won’t shoo, leading to a rompin’, stompin’ battle of weight versus wit, resulting in a most unexpected ending. SAY GOODBYE, HAIRY FLY will appeal to readers who enjoy STICK, THERE WAS AN OLD GATOR WHO SWALLOWED A MOTH, and SNAPPSY THE ALLIGATOR (DID NOT ASK TO BE IN THIS BOOK).

I have worked with children throughout my career as a nursery school teacher, camp counselor, and instructional assistant with special education students. I have been published in Highlights Magazine and Children’s Writer. I am a member of SCBWI, and a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature, Art and Business of Writing Children’s Picture Books Course, Writing in Rhyme Course, and Lyrical Language Lab. I have attended many SCBWI conferences and events, and am a sixth year member of 12×12 Challenge.


A hairy fly with sticky toes
collided with my knobby nose.

I squinted down my snout to see
two eyeballs staring back at me.

I shook my head and gave a nudge.
The hairy fly refused to budge.

I flung my head from side to side.
I think the fly enjoyed the ride.

  • Ha! I’d love to read more about this battle.

    Please send to, subject PBParty Request, with the query in the body of the email and the full manuscript attached as a word document.

    Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to reading this!

  • I’d love to read the rest of this manuscript. Please read submission policy at and submit to the address provided at the bottom of the submissions page. Please put PBParty Request and the title of your story in the subject line. Thank you.

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