Picture Book Party Spring 2020
PB Party Entry 22: Lord Fluffington, Humor, Character Driven
Lord Fluffington
Humor, Character Driven
Word Count:


Thank you so much for the fun opportunity, and taking a look at my work!

LORD FLUFFINGTON is the dramatic inner monologue of a housecat that believes he is in charge of defending the household. He handily dispatches minor threats (a.k.a. toys), but is flummoxed by the appearance of his arch nemesis—the laser dot! Even as he ensnares it, it slips through his paws! But how? Will he find a way to protect his beloved human from the tiny red menace? Will he ever get to take his quick four-hour nap?

LORD FLUFFINGTON is ideal for readers and listeners from ages 3-6, and would be a great storytime selection. It will appeal to fans of Frans Vischer’s FUDDLES, and cat lovers of all ages will recognize Lord Fluffington’s familiar quirks and antics.

I hold a degree in creative writing, and am currently a bookseller at an independent bookstore, Third Street Books, in McMinnville, Oregon. I have worked as a children’s bookseller in various bookstores for over a decade, and as an event coordinator at Books of Wonder in New York City. I am also an active SCBWI member. Additionally, I have other submission-ready manuscripts available upon request.

Thank you!


Fierce hunter.

Mighty protector.

Adored by all.

Yes! It is…

ME! Lord Fluffington!

[illus. note: a fluffy, slightly overweight house cat]

Magnificent, I know.

Who dares to challenge me?

Nobody! HA!

Nobody, that is, except…

HIM. My nemesis.

But I don’t see him anywhere.

Too afraid to face Lord Fluffington, I daresay!

  • This sounds hilarious! And what a voice! I’d love to read more.

    Please send to, subject PBParty Request, with the query in the body of the email and the full manuscript attached as a word document.

    Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to reading this!

  • Your voice is fantastic! I would love to see more! Can you send your query and picture book manuscript in the body of the email to querylynnette (at) theseymouragency (dot) com? Please put PBParty and the title of your story in the subject line. #ExcitedToRead

  • Adria Goetz says:

    Oh my goodness! Ha! Yes, I definitely need to see where this story goes. Will you send a query to with the manuscript pasted in the body of the email? Thanks!

  • Secret Agent 1616 swooped in and would love to see your manuscript. Please send it to me ( and I’ll forward it to her. She’s amazing, editorial and I’m happy dancing that you might have the chance to work with her. Congratulations!!!!

  • I’d love to read the rest of this manuscript. Please read submission policy at and submit to the address provided at the bottom of the submissions page. Please put PBParty Request and the title of your story in the subject line. Thank you.

  • Melissa Nasson says:

    I’d love to see the rest of this! Please send your query and manuscript as an attachment to with PBParty in the subject line.


    Melissa Nasson
    Rubin Pfeffer Content

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