Picture Book Party Spring 2020
PB Party Entry 23: Sky Pie, STEM, Humor
Sky Pie
STEM, Humor
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Dear Michelle and Mindy,

What’s sky pie? That’s precisely the question—or is it the answer?—in SKY PIE (529 words), a math-happy picture book in which Archie, riddler extraordinaire, and his classmates are tasked with answering their math teacher’s trickiest riddle. But when Archie’s hard-thought answer is the laughing stock of the class, they all get a surprise when Miss Raquel explains the magical nature of pi—and why they’re celebrating Pi Day that day—with pie, of course!

SKY PIE is a humorous, easy-to-digest (pun intended!) introduction to pi for ages 6+. While the story is perfect for younger audiences, back matter takes a bigger bite into the history and real-world uses of pi, offers DIY pi calculations, and fun Pi Day activities. As a math enthusiast whose birthday is March 14th and whose mother was a math teacher, the subject of Pi Day is near and dear to my heart.

I’m an active member of both Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 Challenge and SCBWI and founder of two fantastic critique groups. Formerly, I studied art history and pretended to be an advertising producer (among other things). Though I grew up in New York City, I currently live in Puerto Rico with my husband and two young daughters, and have the immense pleasure of writing full-time.

Thanks so much for considering this story!


Archie loved riddles.

“Pedro! I’m an ODD number. Take away one letter and I become EVEN. What number am I?”

“Er…You’re just odd,” Pedro said.

“Nope. Seven!”

“Roshni! If two’s company and three’s a crowd, what are four and five?”

“Er…Annoying?” Roshni said.

“Nope. Nine!”

Miss Raquel had a riddle, too:

[Miss Raquel is their math teacher. On blackboard:]

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