Picture Book Party Spring 2018
PBParty 1: Moose and the Pudgy Fudgy Cookies
Moose and the Pudgy Fudgy Cookies
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Moose is having a Pudgy Fudgy Cookies Party! Pudgy Fudgies are everyone’s favorite! But, now he has lost the recipe. With encouragement from his friends, Moose attempts to bake the treats anyway. Can Pudgy Fudgies made ‘by heart’ be as good? MOOSE AND THE PUDGY FUDGY COOKIES mixes a total of 580 yummy words to create a picture book that will make readers hungry for more.

I am a board and picture book author with work published by Little Tiger UK, Sleeping Bear Press, US and Simon & Schuster, UK.

I write in both California and my beloved Oregon.  When I am not writing, I am either out looking at red tail hawks or baking up some pudgy fudgy treats — if I can find the recipe.

Thank you for taking a peek at MOOSE AND THE PUDGY FUDGY COOKIES.  I hope you love every crumb.


Moose’s friends gathered on his porch and rang the doorbell. “Open up, Moosey! We’re here for the Pudgy Fudgy Cookie Party!”

Moose crouched inside beneath the window. “Nobody home!” he called.

“Hahaha! Stop moosing around! We really like those cookies. Let us in.”

“Wrong day,” yelled Moose. “Come back another time.”

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