Picture Book Party Spring 2018
PBParty 2: My Magic Tree
My Magic Tree
Fiction, Ownvoices
Word Count:

A young girl loves to play in the tree in her Granny’s backyard, this magical tree is her favorite because it dances and sings to her. When a new building project is introduced in Granny’s urban community, she learns Granny will have to leave her home. The girl may not be able to save Granny’s home but she will fight to save the Magic Tree.

I am an active SCBWI member and was selected as a 2018 We Need Diverse Books Mentee. As an own voices writer I want to bring issues impacting African American communities to the mainstream children’s book market. I wrote this story to shine a light on the hundreds of neighborhoods impacted by gentrification.

MY MAGIC TREE is complete at 500 words, and will appeal to readers of SOPHIE’S SQUASH. You will find the first 50 words pasted below. Thank you for your consideration.




Deep in Granny’s backyard lives my Magic Tree.

When the wind blows, its leaves kiss my face and brush my kinky curls.

Its long branches dance around my legs.

If I’m really quiet I can hear it whisper and sing to me.

Lately my Magic Tree hasn’t been singing much at all. 

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