Picture Book Party Spring 2018
PBParty 3: Mommy’s Little Monkeys
Mommy's Little Monkeys
Realistic Fiction, Ownvoices
Word Count:

Mommy’s monkeys, Mania and Misery, are always up to no good, but can mommy control them before her child gets hurt? MOMMY’S LITTLE MONKEYS is a story about a child’s love/hate relationship with his mother’s bipolar disorder. There are few children’s books broaching this sensitive topic, particularly with a first hand perspective.

About eighteen percent of the adult population is battling a mental illness; I am one of them. In preparation for the future for when I need to explain my bipolar to my children, I went in search of a children’s book that covers this topic…and I was disappointed. In our society, mental illness is stigmatized and even when people are brave enough to discuss it, it often is an awkward conversation. This book, complete at 353 words, will help break through those barriers, particularly within families that struggle with mental illness.

I am uniquely blessed with being able to write an ownvoices perspective of mental illness and its effects on families, due to having bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress, and postpartum depression. My Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Criminal Justice allows the piece to be accurate as well as emotional. My work includes a piece called “A Day in the Life of Spoonie Mama” that will be published on The Mighty in the coming weeks.



My mommy has two invisible monkeys.

Their names are Mania and Misery.

Usually only one silly monkey visits her at a time.

I always know when they come over, because mommy acts differently.

Mania makes mommy really cool.

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