Picture Book Party Spring 2018
PBParty 4: Don’t Do That!
Don't Do That!
Word Count:

Thank you for hosting this event and providing authors with curated exposure to agents and the opportunity for sharing through the Twitter party. I’m submitting a 295 word humorous picture book manuscript.

Book has heard horror stories about sticky fingers, torn pages, and children, especially children. So no wonder he cries, “DON’T DO THAT!” when you take him off the shelf. But then he gets quite the surprise.

My stable of completed manuscripts includes three other picture books, and my middle grade novel awaits final beta readers. I’m a freelance author and editor of work for the educational markets. Imprints of Tun Tun English have published three of my picture books and one is pending publication. I also have a picture book under contract with e-future. Recently, I completed four early readers for Red Line Editorial, and I am working with another packager as well.

Please find the first fifty words of DON’T DO THAT! below. Thank you for considering it.


Don’t do that.

Put me back!

Do you hear me?

I haven’t moved since being put on my shelf. Will I ever see it again?

What are you up to?

Turning pages! Who said you could turn my pages? If you rip me, I’ll never forgive you.

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