Picture Book Party Spring 2019
PBParty 19: Flap Your Hands, Bedtime OV (A)
Flap Your Hands
Bedtime OV, Author Illustrator
Word Count:

Dear Agent,

Child and reader alike are invited to engage in stimulatory activities in this ’stim-along’ bedtime book.This interactive bedtime read is a blast for any kid, but is especially important for autistic children who stim regularly to cope with their overwhelmed senses. ’Stimming’ is a vital part of the autistic experience, yet the harmless behavior is stigmatized in society and rarely seen in children’s books. With FLAP YOUR HANDS, children will see illustrations of doctors, aerospace engineers, architects, firemen and biologists, all stimming with flappy hands, wiggly fingers and tiptoeing feet. The story reaches its climax with a big happy flap attack, then settles back down with rubbing feet and gentle rocking.

I am an #ownvoices autistic author/illustrator and want to give representation to autistic kids of diverse backgrounds and help them embrace their own unique differences through humorous stories that anyone can enjoy. You can see my art at

I’ve already written a gardening book (Plant by Numbers, CSP/Quarto) and have written and illustrated for many clients in the home/garden market. My blog, The Rainforest Garden, was chosen by Southern Living Magazine as one of ’10 Blogs to Follow’ for two years in a row, and I currently write for Zillow. I won 1st place in last year’s Florida SCBWI Rising Kite competition for my illustration.


Tickle the space next to your face,

To enjoy the sparkling lights.

Hold your hands against your ears,

And flutter your fingers briskly.

Kick your feet like splashy flippers.

Let out a little squeal!

Wave your wrists like falling leaves

Direct a humming orchestra.


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