Picture Book Party Spring 2019
PBParty 20: Bad Pizza, Character Driven
Bad Pizza
Character Driven
Word Count:

Dear Michelle, Sharon, and Mindy,

Thank you for the contagious positive energy you are putting into this endeavor.

After his new pizza leaps from the oven, declares itself an artist, and paints the city with food, Chef Tony tracks the dark corners of the city to stop Bad Pizza before it completes its masterpiece.

The character Bad Pizza:  Jackson Pollock meets The Riddler.

Chef Tony:  Dr. Frankenstein meets Everyman attempting to corral a mistake.

Bad Pizza will appeal to readers who enjoy 7 Ate 9, Dragons Love Tacos, and Lady Pancake.

I am a teacher, children’s author, and member of SCBWI.  My debut PB, Antonino’s Impossible Dream, winner of the Beaming Books Picture Book Contest, releases April 30.

Thank you for your consideration.
Smooch-a!  Yum.  Chef Tony opened the oven.
What was this?

Bad Pizza leapt to the floor and sashayed through the restaurant, launching salads, slinging spaghetti, tossing garlicky snails, lofting chicken fingers, leaving in his wake utter, supreme chaos.

“I am an artist,” Bad Pizza crowed.  “The world is my canvas!  Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!”


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