Picture Book Party Spring 2018
PBParty 8: Ninja Chef: The Way of the Cake
Ninja Chef: The Way of the Cake
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My name is REDACTED and I am eleven years old. This is my first picture book. The reason why I chose Ninja Chef is because I personally love ninjas. My dad bakes really good cakes, and I love him. I put two and two together and out popped Ninja Chef. I love comic books and imagine NINJA CHEF: WAY OF THE CAKE to have a kind of comic feel about it. If you love this story, I have other ideas for future Ninja Chef books.

NINJA CHEF: WAY OF THE CAKE is the story of an epic battle for cake between a Ninja Chef and ten Samurai who are horrible cooks. It is both Ninja Queen and The King of the Samurai’s birthday. The Samurai want the Ninja’s cake because they burnt the one they tried to make. When the cake goes SPLAT, Ninja Chef must teach “The Way of The Cake” to the Samurai, who only know how to use their ninja skills in the kitchen.

Readers who love NINJAGO and PRINCESS IN BLACK for their adventure, epic fight scenes, and humor will enjoy NINJA CHEF: WAY OF THE CAKE.

Thank you so much for reading my query. I hope you like my first fifty words and you have a good day.



One day Ninja Chef was baking a cake for Ninja Queen’s birthday. It was totally awesome. Three layers, glittery black icing, with ninja stars, and eleven candles.

The Samurai were trying to bake a cake too. It was a nintastrophy! Egg splattered everywhere. Baking powder, flour, and sugar flew through the air.

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