Picture Book Party Spring 2018
PBParty 9: Frida’s Journey
Frida's Journey
Diversity, Ownvoices
Word Count:

Frida travels the world in search of art, but finds that the journey is not what she expected. Can this girl’s passion for art bring her home and transform her town into a masterpiece?

Frida´s Journey is a 450-word picture book about passion, determination, friendship and community. It is an Ownvoices story set in a Latin American town. Back matter will include a glossary of Spanish terms used and Latin Female Artists, such as Frida Kahlo who serves as inspiration for the main character.  

It is a story in the spirit of Campoy and Howell’s Maybe something beautiful”, David Litchfield’s “The bear and the piano”, and Peter Brown’s “The Curious garden”. Written with a bilingual touch as in Matt de la Peña’s “Miguel and the Grand Harmony” and Carmen Agra Deedy’s “The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet.

 My interest in children’s literature comes from my professional experience as an Educational Psychologist creating new Children’s and Science Museum exhibits internationally.

I was born in Mexico City, where I published three high school textbooks. And would love to provide a Spanish version of my manuscripts, if a bilingual opportunity becomes available.

I appreciate your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.


Frida’s home was a haven of love.
But the pueblo Frida lived in was a one-shape,

one-shade of gray kind of town.

Frida and Sebastian rooted around for a sprout of color… zero, nada.

“I need wild and vibrant creations to flourish. My heart will follow art!” she announced.

Adventure awaited, her mind was set.

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